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Ganta, a pregnant woman from a small village, was thrown out of her home when her family discovered she had leprosy. All alone, she gave birth to a baby boy on the side of the road!

What happened to Ganta is little different from how lepers have been treated for thousands of years. The Law said lepers were to be put outside the camp. “He is unclean, and he shall dwell alone,” it says in Leviticus. These unfortunate souls were the outcasts of Jewish society, treated as less than human.

Today, lepers are still considered outcasts by many in India.
But indigenous ministries in India, like AGNI are following the example of the Lord Jesus Christ to heal the lepers, and to share the Good News with the lost. And thanks to these brothers and sisters in Christ, Ganta (pictured at right) is now in the local hospital, getting the
needed treatment for her affliction.

You see, AGNI Ministries, with the help of AIM International and our friends at GCRI, is working with the hospital to provide medical care for “the least of these,” like Ganta. AIM working together with GCRI has already provided the hospital with a generator and a van to use as an ambulance.

2019 August
2019 08 - Ganta_edited_edited.png

“We have also given some food items ... atta [a wheat flour used to make flatbreads] and rice for the hospital patients,” reports Brother P. “I could feel the joy on their faces to have these [items] in the hospital.” “We have also provided special shoe materials, which came from Chennai. So now Leper's shoe (sandals) making is also revived and is in progress ... I am so happy to see all this progress in our
Leprosy project by God's grace and your support.”

Besides these projects, AGNI Ministries operates a sewing center – at the hospital – for women. At present, there are twenty new girls and women learning a vital trade at the center. This is a prime example of Kingdom work where Christian ministries are able to partner with local organizations to help the needy!

AGNI Ministries hopes to open its own clinic/mission center for evangelistic outreach to lepers and others in need of medical care by the beginning of 2020.


While AGNI Ministries is busy meeting the physical needs of the poor and sick, they are also building the Kingdom. “Every year we organize a Pastors and Leaders conference in October/November, mainly for village pastors and evangelists who are serving the Lord on a grass-root level, facing suffering, fear and uncertainty in their lives and ministry,” writes Brother P.

“This year again, I am planning to have one in October last week or in November first week. We invite about 300 participants from North India and Nepal for three days to have fellowship with us.”


Brother P. and the other ministry workers are dedicated to discipling new believers and training the leaders who oversee their own congregations throughout India and Nepal. This annual conference is a big part.

To find out more about the work being done by AGNI Ministries, please contact us.

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