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We are committed to being faithful stewards of our resources and strive to be transparent in our financial practices. We welcome your inquiries at any time.

We believe our responsibility is to be strong advocates for indigenous ministries, present their needs before God’s people, and then trust the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of those He chooses to respond and give.

All funds received for any appeal will be applied to that purpose, with 5% retained to cover operating costs or as directed by the donor. If receipts exceed a stated goal, those funds will be applied to a similar need. At the same time, unsolicited funds will be forwarded 100 percent to the designated overseas ministry.

AIM is a faith-based mission that relies on God to provide for operational expenses, including wiring fees, credit card charges, printing and mailing costs, receipting, etc.  As the Lord leads you to give, we appreciate any additional amount you can contribute toward these expenses, so we can continue to be a channel of blessing to those on the front lines.

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