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“It has been a traumatic time for everyone,” writes Roheen, the leader of a ministry AIM supports in Sri Lanka. “We meet daily at the office for prayer for the situation [in which Christian churches have been attacked with bombs by Islamic terrorists].


Please pray for the church of Sri Lanka that according to

2 Chron. 7: 14, the church will humble themselves and pray, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways so that the Lord will hear and heal the land.”


Last month, the Islamic terrorist organization known as ISIS unleashed a wave of bombings throughout Sri Lanka that targeted Christians. These bombings have directly or indirectly affected all Christians in this island nation just south of India, including our partner ministry.

2019 May
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The ministry operates a school – which is presently closed while government forces investigate and, hopefully, catch all the terrorists who perpetrated this horrible crime – that serves both boys and girls, separate boys and girls homes, a “Life Line” project to help local families, and a library and support center.

These projects are all vital to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Sri Lanka! “All of our staff and children are safe, praise God,” adds Roheen, “but a curfew has been declared . . . We are not taking any risks . . . and will assess the situation.”


More than 250 men, women, and children were killed in the bomb attacks that took place on Easter Sunday. One evangelical church lost 16 of their children who had gathered outside after Sunday school. But despite the horrific attacks that shocked the world, the gospel will continue to move forward in Sri Lanka. And our partner ministry will be a big part of that as they gear up to reopen their school with our ongoing support.

Please keep our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters in Christ – and especially these precious children! – in your prayers as they recover from the emotional wounds of the terrorist attacks.

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