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Missionary Fund

Support Missionaries Working Among UPG's

Considered to be one of the lowest tribes in the caste system of India, the primitive Korwa people are despised by other tribes and higher caste Hindus.

One of these Korwa people, a man named Prem from the eastern state of Jharkhand, heard the gospel at a prayer meeting led by a native missionary working with an indigenous ministry supported by AIM. There, he asked for prayer for a chronic stomach ailment.

“After their prayers, the unbearable stomach problem was healed,” Prem wrote. “I also started going to the worship service and received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Also the Lord has delivered me from the lowliness of this world and restored my self-respect, as now I have become a child of the Living God who is the King of kings and Lord of lords.”

Prem’s desire to serve the Lord brought him to Nagpur Training Center where he completed two years of discipleship training.

Now he is taking the message of deliverance to his own people who live in bondage. By God’s grace, together with his coworker Pankaj, he has planted two church fellowships among the Korwa and Oravan people groups, and has trained two volunteers as ministry coworkers.

Hundreds of indigenous missionaries like Prem are effectively sharing the gospel among their own people but lack any financial support. AIM’s missionary sponsorship program exists to provide these dedicated gospel workers with vital provision.

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