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AIM’s core operating philosophy is to advocate for indigenous ministries so that they can be given the tools to implement the vision God has given them for their people.


AIM’s practice of matching the needs of poor and persecuted indigenous ministries with US donors impacts indigenous missionaries in a meaningful way by providing literature, equipment and supplies, and assisting them with projects beyond their fiscal capacity.


As a result, homes care for poor or unwanted children, schools teach them to read and write and equip them for society, medical and hygiene clinics treat sicknesses and improve health, and micro-enterprises provide self-help and sustaining income for marginal families. As a result, communities served by indigenous ministries are often transformed. And need we say that souls find salvation and churches are planted?


The impact of AIM’s work is hence broader in intent and scope than what initially meets the eye.

IMB-BGD 082518 baptism of Santal_edited.
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