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Bishwanath lives and ministers in Rajshahi district which is northwest of the capital city Dhaka. The church at Malbandha village is growing under his care. He and his wife lead weekly church fellowships, bible studies and visit door to door. In last six months, Bishwanath ministered among several unreached people groups like Santal, Rabidas, Pahari and Oraon in ten new villages, where there is no church yet. People are hungry for the Word of God. Pray the seeds sown would grow into full harvest in due time. Salvation belongs to the Lord! While many villages were open to hear the good news, there were others who were opposed to the gospel. Bishwanath and his congregation were among the twenty churches to receive a latrine funded through AIM.


He recently donated a piece of land to the church, pray with them for provision of a permanent church hall.


Photo right: Baptism among the Santal people.

Prayer needs:
•For those who have heard the gospel to accept Jesus as savior.
•For funding to build more latrines for families.
•For the Lord to provide finances to build a worship hall in Malbandha village.

Praying for Church Building
IMB-BGD 082518 baptism of Santal_edited.
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