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Assisting Indigenous Ministries



Understanding the importance
AIM seeks to equip ministry partners with vital tools like these so they can proclaim the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, to rescue souls from spiritual darkness.

Most missionaries must walk long hours from one village to the next because public transportation systems are very rare in rural villages. When it is available, the missionaries are subject to specific schedules, often causing them to spend extra time away from their families as they wait on their ride home. Not only that, they must use their limited ministry resources to pay for riding the often overcrowded buses.

Some missionaries choose to hire private rickshaws to save precious time but this is a more expensive option.

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40 Motorcycles $1,200/each = $48,000.00

100 Bicycles $120/each = $12,000.00

Project Cost : $60,000.00


Bicycles enable missionaries to reach more villages and return to their families in the evenings. The photos below show several missionaries who’ve been blessed with a bicycle through the generous donors of AIM International. Many more missionaries serving the Lord in South Asia are waiting to receive a bicycle.

Missionaries on bicycles and motorcycles are able to carry small amounts of literature with them to share God’s truth with seekers in South Asia. Some missionaries carry equipment to show the Jesus film.

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Being equipped means more time for ministry.


Missionaries often visit remote villages where terrain is difficult. A motorcycle provides them with the ability to travel in a timely manner instead of walking for hours. Other missionaries in more urban areas are able to travel using a motorcycle instead of waiting on public transportation. This is especially helpful for husband and wife missionary teams!

Left: a group of missionaries preparing to visit a remote village by motorcycle. Middle: a missionary in Myanmar crossing difficult terrain by motorcycle. Right: a missionary travels by motorcycle to reach a remote village in Bangladesh to preach the gospel.

Above, a missionary reaches the village of Gotpara, Naogaon, Bangladesh by motorcycle. The Mali and Malpahari people are hearing the gospel for the first time. “We are very much grateful to Lord that this time we have able to reach some new people groups for the first time in our ministry life. Pastor Ajit Paul and his team found these people groups in Naogaon district.” - Louis Biswas, leader of IMB

This project will mobilize missionaries to reach the lost

Bangladesh: The population is 1.72 million, and 92.9% are considered unreached with the gospel. Islam,
with 90%, is the largest religion in this country.

India: There are over 1.4 billion people in India, and 90% have never heard the gospel. The largest reli-
gion is Hinduism. Over 80.1% (1.1 billion people) identify as Hindu.

Myanmar: Over 45 million people, which is 83.3% of the population in Myanmar, have yet to hear the
Good News. Buddhism is the largest religion with nearly 78% of the people following this pagan religion.

Nepal: 88.9% of the population of Nepal is considered unreached. That amounts to 27.3 million people
who have not heard the gospel yet. The largest religion is Hinduism (81.4%).


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Sharing Christ with
the Chepang people
of Nepal
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