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Assisting Indigenous Ministries

Sri Lanka
Shortage of Gasoline, Food, and Medicine
- Economy Collapsed 


As we are experiencing this firsthand, many countries are facing inflation and rising prices; however, Sri Lankans are among those suffering the most. This Indian Ocean Island nation of 22 million off the southeast coast of India has an inflation rate of over 60%. Food prices have nearly doubled; the economy has collapsed; there are shortages of food, gasoline, and medicine; and, approximately 25% of the population are skipping meals. Mr. Laryea-Adjei, UNICEF Regional Director of Asia, reports that, “families are skipping regular meals as staple foods become unaffordable. Children are going to bed hungry, unsure of where their next meal will come from.” (


This country is primarily Buddhist with Evangelical Christians representing approximately 1.3% of the population. AIM/GCRI’s fall project is slated to assist Footprints Sri Lanka (FPS-LKA), an indigenous ministry run by ministry leader Roheen Jayawardene. The main focus for Footprints Sri Lanka has been to spread the gospel through audio visual and literature services and their Alpha School. Given the situation of rolling blackouts, food and supply shortages, and political unrest, Footprints Sri Lanka has increased their focus to help those in desperate need of food, especially in light of the current economic crisis.

food packages 1_edited.jpg


As a teenager, ministry leader Roheen Jayawardene served among the poorest, most destitute people of Colombo, Sri Lanka. This calling to serve “the least of these” has never left her, and today the zeal to reach the unreached and feed the hungry burns just as brightly as it did many years ago. Her ministry has already reached hundreds this year with emergency food packages; and, with your assistance, we will reach hundreds more in the coming months with food and the gospel of Jesus Christ!

PROPOSAL - The ministry needs assistance in the following three areas:

Food parcels containing essential items to needy families.
These are destitute and marginalized families consisting mostly of day laborers who are unable to find regular work. When they can find some work, they are paid such a small amount that they can’t provide for their wives and children. The ministry has been delivering 40-50 boxes during each monthly distribution but plans to increase that to two distributions per month.

Breakfast for the children who attend Alpha School.

Most of them currently come without breakfast and are hungry and malnourished. The ministry hopes to provide a cup of milk and some biscuits, along with a packet of cereal. At present, the school has 67 children that they want to feed.

Emergency meals for elderly homeless people living on the streets.

They receive meals rather than boxes of food since they have no place to safely store the food.

COST:  Total cost to cover 2000 food packages, 2 years of children’s breakfast and elderly lunch for a year = $51,660.00.

food packages 2_edited.jpg

A mother and daughter receive their food package

food packages 3_edited.jpg


The impact of the ministry’s ongoing food distribution program is seen here, in the smiles on the faces of those whose lives have been touched as this ministry selflessly shares God’s love.

We would encourage you to view the project video by ministry leader Roheen Jayawardene by following the link below.



Please partner with us as we seek to feed the “least of these” in the name of Christ!

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