Assisting Indigenous Ministries

GCRI - COVID Relief Evangelism - Fall 2021


Jesus stressed the importance of our work on earth in terms of welcoming strangers, providing food and clothing for those in need and taking care of those who are sick and in prison. He said whenever we “do it to the least” and often marginalized, it’s the same as doing it for HIM”.

India and Nepal are still facing the effects of a COVID second wave and the Delta variant. People in large cities and rural areas are suffering alike in unprecedented numbers. While the Covid-19 pandemic is abating in the United States, it’s still killing thousands in India, with the situation described by the leader of one of AIM’s partner ministries as “horrible.”

“Yesterday, three of my relatives died,” writes Brother Pradeep, leader of the Association of Good Neighbors in India (AGNI). “This year, many Christian brothers and sisters [have been] dying every day due to Covid ... Lots of pastors and church leaders died during [the pandemic] ... One of our board members’ sons is in critical condition ... We are praying and trusting God for His mercy and grace every moment. Please continue to pray for us. We believe that only in Jesus are we safe.”

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Another partner ministry reports: “We need your prayers [right now. In our area], many pastors have gone to be with the Lord due to Covid 19 … These are hard days for us. Thousands of people are dying every day, [and] there is a severe scarcity of medicines, vaccines, oxygen and beds in hospitals for corona patients.

The medicines, vaccines, and oxygen have gone underground [to the] black market ... People suffer a lot and death is very common. There is no one to care for them. Kindly pray for all these concerns. Thank you for your prayers for us.” Among the dead was one of the staff missionaries. “He was one of our best church planting workers and planted many churches,” the ministry said. “It is a great loss to us and for the ministry of God [here].”


Indigenous missionaries, in partnership with AIM and GCRI, have not stopped their outreach—even in the midst of a global pandemic. They often minister in areas where poverty and poor nutrition leave countless people much more susceptible to diseases like Covid. Their ministries are reaching the unreached by assisting with providing food, medicine, PPE, and supplies in the name of our Savior. It’s clear that Covid has had a devastating effect on the people of India. It’s also clear that the native ministries we work with have stepped up to take care of the sick while maintaining other ministry work (evangelism, discipling, and baptizing converts). Pray for protection for these brave soldiers who are in the field.

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Goal: unspecified – we are trusting God to determine the amount needed.

Sharing Christ with
the Chepang people
of Nepal